#WinningWednesday – 3 Ways to Help Yourself Stay Motivated

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It’s #WinningWednesday! We’ve made it to the middle of another week and are on our way towards its end.

Yesterday, I raised the question of, “Why is it so hard to establish and keep a routine?” We also looked at 2 reasons why – having a “monkey mind” and cognitive overload, which are 2 destroyers of developing habits.

I want to piggyback off of that thought for today’s post, and ask…

Have you ever at some point felt like the wheels on your motivation vehicle have gone flat?

You get up, prepare for work, go to work, complete your tasks, come home, fix dinner, wind down, and then prepare for the next day…but, something’s missing.

You’re going through the motions (you may not even be performing at your best), and you’re missing a spark, a kindling that helps add a little “pep” to what you do.

You’re missing or lacking motivation and drive behind your work professionally, academically, or even personally. You may have also forgotten or disregarded its purpose, the reason why you even step foot on the job, the reason why you even try to complete and turn in assignments, the reason why you even try to have family outings.

And when we disregard purpose due to a lack of motivation, we can step into dangerous territory because that’s when we allow our vision to get clouded.

Don’t get discouraged – I’ve been there and so have many others, but I want to encourage you today with these 3 ways to help yourself stay motivated in achieving your professional, academic, or personal goals:


1. Imagine where you want to be in the future

Sometimes when we lose motivation, we forget one of our visions or goals that we want to accomplish in the future.

timeBut, I’ve found that if you really think about your current performance and attitude and imagine how that impacts your future—maybe that’s sacrificing a degree, or maybe that’s sacrificing a job promotion—then you’ll be given some insight as to how some changes need to be made.

Although this might be a low time for you, think to yourself that you’re going to try as hard as you can to reach that future goal, and that if you don’t try to push through this situation, then you may face some consequences that can set you back. (I’ve been there!)


2. Think about those you are impacting in the present

Sometimes, when I wake up and don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings, I think to myself, “You’re not only doing this for you, you’re doing this for them.”

celebratingAnd when I’ve thought that while school was in session, I was thinking about my students.

My actions—good or bad—can have an impact on my students. The same can be applied for your current situation in which you’re lacking motivation. So, whenever the wind leaves your sails, think about the people you’re capable of affecting.


3. Reward yourself for your progress

After you accomplish that 1 major task or “x” number of tasks on your plate, reward yourself. It can be as simple as getting ice-cream, picking up dinner, on buying something you like.

eating dinnerSetting external rewards can be motivation to help you hit your goals. Let’s say for instance that one of your goals is obtain a high customer satisfaction score at the end of the month. Lately, you’ve been falling below the mark, and you really want to do well.

Once you’ve set your reward, make a conscious each day (even when you don’t feel like it) to reach this goal. If you hit it, then plan to celebrate by going out to dinner with loved ones or buying yourself that nice pair of boots you’ve seen in a store.

As a bottom-line, external rewards can help provide some motivation when you’re on low.

Bonus! 4. Your tip!

What do you do when you’re low on motivation? Share your tip with us in the comments box below or on social. Your advice can really help someone else.

I hope these methods can help give you a boost for the rest of the week. 🙂

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