New Year, New Progress + Plans for Jan. 2018

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It’s 2018, everyone: a new year with the opportunity to make progress! At the outset of a new year, many of us are evaluating our goals and setting goals or resolutions for the year.

Oftentimes, however, we only imagine what we’re aiming towards. Yet, although it’s good to set goals or resolve to make certain changes, what really matters is whether or not we truly make progress.

Sitting down, I thought about some of the progress that I made in 2017:  I started working towards a master’s degree, I started working on SimplyKnowted, I found ways to help me be more productive, and I branched out socially and made more connections amidst other things. And it’s nice to be able to think about the progress I’ve made, but it also helps to think about the failures.

I have failed many times in 2017, but the profit from failing is learning from it and really recognizing where changes need to be made.

So, I want to ask you today, what are you resolved to do in 2018?

Are you resolved to obtain a second degree? Build a new skill? Or even exercising more?

second-degree-new-years-goal build-skill-new-years-goal exercise-more-new-years-goal

Well, I want you to ask you some questions, and I want you to think and answer them to yourself:

  1. Are you having a hard time getting started on working towards one of your goals?
  2. In the past, have you had a hard time accomplishing a goal?
  3. Do you feel isolated in working towards your goal?
  4. Do you sometimes feel like you’re biting off too much at one time?

If you answered yes to the majority of those questions, then I have a solution that could help you over the hurdle in goal-setting & goal-getting this January.

Starting this Thursday, January 4, 2017, SimplyKnowted will be hosting its first ever accountability Facebook group. Here is a little more about the accountability group in an FAQ-style:


Q: Does it cost anything to join.

A: No, it is a closed Facebook group, but it is free.


Q: Do I need any prior or special knowledge?

A: No, you do not need any prior or special knowledge.


Q:  What is the purpose of the group? Who is this group for?

A:  The aim of this accountability group is to help its participants set goals, be productive, and achieve those goals. This group is for anyone who is determined, not afraid to work with others, and open to sharing and encouraging others.


Q: How will this group benefit me?

A: You will learn strategies that can help you be a self-starter and be more productive. You will also have a community of others who are supportive and be able to support and encourage others in completing their goals.


Q:  When does the group open?

A:  The group will open on Thursday, January 4, 2018.


Q: What will I be expected to do?

A:  Partner up with one other person, choose 4 goals that you want to achieve this month, share each goal with the group, share your progress and challenges, and provide support for others.


So while this accountability group can help you reach your goals, you will also be helping others reach theirs. But, throughout this process, I am hoping that you will find the group helpful and supportive.

I really believe that although we might have a gift, talent, or passion for something, sometimes we need that extra nudge or to know that someone else really cares to help us actualize and see our potential. I recognize this with myself and am aware of the strength of people working together to see each other grow and succeed.

This past semester, I have tried setting goals with my classes. Sometimes they’ve worked and we’ve reached class goals for assignments, and at other times they’ve failed. But I do believe that accountability can sometimes be the nudge that some of us need when it comes to really moving that needle forward.

Interested in Joining?

Be sure to like SK’s Facebook page and subscribe to the email list to be one of the first to know when the Facebook group launches.

Here’s Your First Actionable Step for Thursday

For your first actionable step, take some time to write down 8 goals that you would like to accomplish this year. This can be a mix of long-term and short-term goals.

After you’ve written those 8 down, choose your top 4 goals.

If one of your top 4 goals would take longer than 1 week to accomplish, try breaking that goal down into smaller, steps that can be completed over the course of 1 week.

For a new year and fresh progress!

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