3 Creative Ways Future Girl Bosses Can Use Trello + A Free Content Calendar!

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Hi ladies!

I hope your week is going well so far! Mine is a little busy but still great. What progress have you made and what tools are you currently using?

If Trello is one of your go-tos (or you’re even considering trying this tool), then I have a treat for you today, especially my future girl bosses. I use this phrase because I hope to be a girl boss one day. No worries, my current girl bosses can benefit too!


Did you know that there are a lot of unique ways that you could use Trello for your planning?


If you’ve been wanting to switch from paper to digital planning, then Trello would certainly be a nice option.

Here’s Why:

1. You’re prone to stockpiling & losing papers

If you’re like me, you’ll print documents off, stack them up in a folder or notebook somewhere, and you might revisit them if you really need them. On some occasions, you end up losing them too.

2. You don’t like reviewing messy documents

You might like pretty printables – I do too, but I don’t like scratching things out and creating messy-looking documents. With writing, errors and changes are a given. For me, for neatness I sometimes prefer digital over paper planning.

3. You need a more efficient system for managing content, resources, and etc.

If you don’t put a lot of effort into keeping track of documents in folders, notebooks, and binders, then digital planning might be a better and faster option for you. One of the neat things about digital planning is that sometimes you can do a quick search and “bam!” you’ve found what you’re looking for.

If you can relate to either of those 3 reasons, then here are 3 unique ways that you as a future girl boss can use Trello for your planning needs:

1. Content Planning

content planning

Do you need a monthly, quarterly, or yearly calendar for your content? Trello offers the ability to create this on your own with its board feature. I’ve recently created a quarterly content calendar with Trello. Usually, I start my planning process using Microsoft Word or Google Docs – I’ll brainstorm ideas related to my target audiences, and then I’ll organize those ideas as I would like to present them. One potential drawback with using word processing systems like those is that you can’t simply drag and drop content ideas if you need to make changes, but with a Trello board you can do this, which makes it quite nice for content planning.

If you’ve been looking for a content calendar, feel free to download this monthly one I’ve made with Trello below:

Grab your free content calendar ad 2


2. Launch Planning

launch planning

If you need some structure for planning a new product, course, or service launch, you can lay out your goals on a launch calendar created through Trello. One way you can organize your launch calendar is by month and what you plan to accomplish each month towards your overall launch goal. Let’s say that your goal is to launch a new service by June of this year. In the months leading up to your launch, you can plan how you will validate your service idea, the types of people who might be interested in your service, your blog topics, your email marketing sequences, and other necessary components.


3. Resource Bank for Skill Building

resource bank for skill building

Do you need a place to house resources for your own professional learning and development? Do you have so many Google Bookmarks but get tired of sorting through them? Try creating a resource bank with Trello which can house your images, website links, and documents. For instance, if one of your goals is to learn how to use Buffer for social media scheduling, as you come across articles or even videos, you can add these to your resource bank and categorize them with labels–all helping you to build you skill in learning how to schedule social posts with Buffer.

I hope these 3 Trello tips can help as you work towards building your business!

If you’ve been searching for a content planner for your blog posts, here’s a free Trello content calendar built for a month’s worth of content that I’ve created to help you get started:

Grab your free content calendar ad 1

For your progress!


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