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Hi you guys! Things have gotten a little busier for me lately, but I hope all is well with you.

I enjoyed being able to host my very first Weekend Workshop series and look forward to continue sharing tips and tutorials with you guys. If you missed out, no worries – I plan to have some other great things coming up.

In today’s post, I have a question: What lights your fire? If you could done something that you enjoy while making a difference for others, what would that be?

I’m sure that we often think about this question, and I believe it’s one of the more difficult questions to answer. So, how do you find that figurative “match” for your “fire”?

Through my life experiences, I would say that part of it lies in testing–getting inside the “lab of life” and testing that field or area of interest in which you find enjoyment. It’s amazing how different life experiences can attract or propel you, but you’re able to learn something through each.

For instance, if I could give an undergraduate student some advice, I would say to seek out internships or positions in which you can test out the field or area you are interested in. Also, consider free learning opportunities or classes that would give you a peek inside of that field or area on your journey to finding out what lights your fire. With these learning opportunities, you’ll have the chance to make connections and network with others to learn more through their experiences.

I believe that I have found something that lights my fire, and maybe it’s been in me ever since I was a child (I think my family and friends can attest to it). Being able to share my knowledge about a subject or topic and see others’ faces light up from learning is a motivator for me. What’s even more motivating is hearing about how what they’ve learned has shaped their lives–so teaching is something that lights my fire. Is it the only thing? No, but I can learn more in “the lab of life”.

What lights yours? One way to find out is to test. As my challenge to you in the upcoming week, test out your interests through free knowledge that’s available online or even through paid resources such as classes. You won’t know until you try, right?

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